BANK is a surfing term that refers to places where 'waves' are generated,
and we have made this place based on the idea of raising 'waves' from rural areas.

To provide an easy place for travelers and locals to gather,
we provide not only accommodation and meals
but also give tours and hold various events to make it a travel base.

THE BANKS is a place to raise new wave from here by connecting the tourists and the locals.


Enjoy a casual whiskey at the bar on the 1st floor, called Setouchi Whiskies.
We warmly welcome whiskey amateurs. We run this place so that lodgers can interact with each other and locals as well.

The second floor is a tent room. You can enjoy the camping feeling while staying in the city in an airy space. It can also be used as an event space for wedding after parties, various types of parties, exhibitions etc.

Guests may store their baggage for free for up to a week.
For non-guests, the baggage fee is from 400 JPY per day, for up to one month. You can also use the rentable storage area.

Rooms on the 4th floor are made to communicate the feeling of being close to the Setouchi Sea.
A full kitchen is installed, perfect for longer stays, or use by families and groups. As many as 5 people can stay in this space made bright by light let in through its large windows.