The studio on the 3rd floor was used as a music studio,
but now it is used as a space to store baggage of travelers.
You may store your things for any period of time, from 1 day only to longer times.

1-day fee small size: within W18cm×H53cm×D36cm 400JPY
medium size: within W24cm×H65cm×D42cm 500JPY
large size: within W27cm×H75cm×D47cm 600JPY
Extra-large items (bikes, surfboards, golf bags, etc.) from 1,500JPY
  • * The extension fee for one additional day is the same as the 1-day fee for the size of your baggage.
  • * Baggage may be picked up by 9:00PM. If it is past 9:00PM, you will be charged a 1-day extension fee.
  • * We will return your baggage upon the return of the baggage ticket we will give you, and if it is not presented,
      we may be unable to give you your baggage, so please do not lose it.